Frame Artwork At Bargain Prices

Not everyone can afford frame shop pricing when they need artwork or photographs framed. But, retail stores often have only limited sizes and cheap looking frames to sell. Not everyone is capable of making their own frames or cutting professional looking mats. Cutting frames and mats can be frustrating and expensive. Then, the piece may need glass cut to fit. Cutting glass is tricky and a small mistake means a wasted piece of glass and starting over. Some artists have purchased the framing and matting equipment they need to frame their own artwork, but many people don’t need enough pieces framed to go to that expense.

A Framing Alternative

For artists who want to spend their time painting rather than matting and framing their work, or for art buyers who only need the occasional piece framed, there is an alternative framing plan to consider. Online picture frames and supplies can cut down on the expense and time spent framing artwork and photographs. Sites such as Eze Frame have the expensive framing and mat cutting equipment to get perfect results every time. They make their money by selling large volume over the internet. The customer gives them the size frame they need and it is cut and shipped quickly. When the customer receives the frame, they can easily put everything together following the helpful enclosed directions.


If a person purchases a great piece of art without a frame, they can order the perfect frame online to complete their art acquisition. Perhaps the piece of art is not even matted. In that case, the buyer can also order the correct size mat along with the frame. What if an artist has done a collection of artwork for an upcoming show and is pressed for time? They can order mounts and frames for the whole collection online and save both money and time.

Ordering From Online Sites

Online sites have well-designed ordering guidelines for their customers to follow. They explain the different kinds of measurements quite well. They ask if the opening is to be the exact size of the measurements given or if allowance is to be made for the slight overlap required in matting and framing art and photographs. The sites basically walk a customer through measuring and ordering mats, glazing, and frames. They want happy satisfied customers who will come back for future Picture Frames.

There are different kinds of framing for different kinds of artwork. For instance, there are frames that are standard sizes, custom cut, for canvases, box frames, and so on. When ordering mounting and matting, the customer can choose a single mat or a double mat. Mats can be ordered with multiple apertures for collections of small items. After the type of mat or frame is chosen, there are hundreds of colors and finishes to pick from. These cheap picture frames may have small prices but they are big on convenience and quality. For additional info, go to the website.